Engemann Student Counseling Services Offer New Support Groups

Engemann Student Counseling Services is introducing two new support groups: the Sexual Orientation Support Group and the Gender Spectrum Support Group. These groups are a redesigned support system from last semester’s Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) Support Group. The Sexual Orientation Support Group addresses life and relationship issues related to sexual orientation, allowing students Read more

Californian Becomes the Second U.S. Citizen Granted “Non-Binary” Gender Status

Californian paralegal Sara Kelly Keenan has become the second person in the U.S. to be legally granted the gender status of “non-binary.” Keenan (who prefers she/her pronouns) was born intersex, and as a result her body produced neither male nor female hormones. After recent news of Oregon resident Jamie Shupe changing their gender status to Read more

Engemann Counseling Center Announces New Program for LGBT+ Students

This fall, the Engemann Student Counseling Center is bringing programming with a focus on the LGBT+ community. Their new Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Support Group (SOGI) addresses life and relationship issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Topics are based on students’ interest and can include exploring your identity; trust and connecting in relationships; Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Outbreak of Meningitis Among Gay/Bisexual Men and MSM

There has been a recent outbreak of meningitis among gay/bisexual men and MSM (men who have sex with men) in the greater Los Angeles area. All men who are sexually active with other men are encouraged to get the meningitis vaccines. Below is more information about the vaccines for USC students. For USC students with Read more

USC Paula Cannon on Orlando & Black Lives Matter

In the article below, USC Academic Senate President Paula Cannon shares resources that are available to the USC LGBT community in the wake of the Orlando shooting. She also highlights Dr. Jody Armour (in the Gould School of Law) and his commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement. https://academicsenate.usc.edu/presidents-blog-july-2016/

Join the Queer Rising Retreat

From November 20-21, the LGBT Resource Center is hosting a retreat for USC students at the Cathedral Center of St. Paul overlooking Echo Park Lake. Open to both graduate and undergraduate students, the retreat will be a mixture of workshops and discussion that explore the theme of the queer experience across time. The retreat also Read more

Minor in LGBTQ Studies at USC

Beginning in Fall 2015, USC students can minor in LGBTQ Studies! Read about it in the Daily Trojan.