Graduate Student Organizations


Marshall School of Business Gay and Lesbian Student Association (GALA)

GALA is a career development, advocacy, and social organization comprised of Marshall’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender graduate business students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We also serve as a link to the rest of the student body to increase awareness and understanding about the LGBT-specific issues that impact each of us in our personal and professional lives. For information, email or check out the GALA website.

Medical Gay and Lesbian Organization (MedGLO)

Known as the official LGBT presence on the Health Science Campus, MedGLO primarily supports students through peer support discussions, personal mentorship and guidance, and amazing social events. For more information email

School of Social Work Rainbow Alliance Caucus

FacebookThe caucus coordinates educational seminars for practitioners in Social Work about LGBT clients and assisted with a recent School of Social Work all school day dealing with LGBT issues. More more information is available on the USC Social Work site.


OutLawFacebookFormerly known as Gay and Lesbian Law Union (GALA), OUTlaw strives to promote awareness about legal issues affecting the LGBT Community. Recently, the coordinated dicussions about Proposition 8 with Gould School of Law faculty members. For more information check out the USC Gould site or email

Educators for Queer Alliance (EQuAl)

FacebookEducators for Queer Alliance (EQuAl) is a graduate organization for anyone (Allies too) interested in promoting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, and Intersexed (LGBTQI) awareness on campus and among fellow educators. We believe that there is a need for future educators, and mentors, to help facilitate a safe academic environment for the LGBTQI community. For more information, check out the EQuAL website or email EQuAl.

Queer Cut

FacebookQueer Cuts goal is to promote the collaboration among LGBT students and allies at the School of Cinematic Arts, as well as other schools at USC, to improve the quality of queer media, to strengthen the voices of LGBT film and media makers, to expose the larger community to LGBT issues through these media, and to create a strong network with industry professionals. For more information email Queer Cuts.

Price Queer Policy Caucus

FacebookThe Price Queer Policy Caucus (QPC) provides a space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Ally (LGBTQIA) students in the Price School to connect and network, as well as to engage with the key policy issues that directly affect LGBTQI individuals and communities.

As Price’s newest student organization, we’re open both for general members and for leaders, especially for those who are interested in advocacy and service. Check out the QPC website for more information.