Center Staff

 Rev. Kelby Accardi-Harrison, Ph.D.


Kelby Accardi-Harrison has served as director of the Resource Center since 2014. While a graduate student at Northwestern University, she was a passionate, active leader in the campus LGBT community, founding the University’s first graduate student LGBT organization, and helping to found a yearly national graduate student conference: Queertopia! She has also received recognition from the Human Rights Campaign as the Chicago Area student of the year.

After completing her Ph.D. in philosophical ethics, gender, and sexuality in 2010 from Northwestern University, she served as the post-doctoral fellow in Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, where she taught sexual and feminist ethics, philosophy of religion, and LGBT social ethics.

Sometimes known as Rev. Kelby, she is ordained with the Metropolitan Community Church, the LGBT focused Christian denomination. She is committed to spiritual health and expression, and full inclusion of LGBT people in all faith traditions. She is trained as an interfaith chaplain and is a certified spiritual director.

She is a published author of the book Sexual Deceit: The Ethics of Passing , as well as co-editor of the anthology Passing/Out: Identity Veiled and Revealed.

You can contact Kelby at


Michael Gorse, M.Ed.


Center Supervisor
Michael Gorse graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with his Masters of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs (PASA) in May 2016. As a graduate student at USC, Michael founded the Queer Graduate Alliance (a student organization for all LGBTQ+ graduate students) and served as the Vice President of the PASA Network. They taught English to the spouses of international students during their first semester at USC. Michael worked in the LGBT Resource Center at USC for two years as a graduate assistant before beginning his role as Center Supervisor at the in August 2016.

Michael’s professional interests include student development and support, event planning, diverse populations, LGBT mental health, LGBT social wellness, and LGBT leadership. Their work experience has primarily been with international students, LGBTQ students, students of color, and other marginalized populations. Through their work, Michael maintains a focus on the intersectionality of identities, educational outreach, and personal connections.  Every day, he hopes that he is “queering” higher education not just for LGBTQ students, but for all marginalized populations.

You can contact Michael at



Graduate Staff


Renee Bradley

Lead Graduate Assistant


Renee Bradley is a master’s candidate in the Rossier School of Education studying Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs (PASA).


Undergraduate Staff


Adri Bernal Martinez


Student Worker

Adriana (Adri) Bernal Martinez is a sophomore from Austin, TX majoring in Business Administration. She likes watching scary films, getting her nails done and drinking horchata.

Andrew Gabriel Perez


Student Worker

Andrew is a senior studying business administration. He hopes to carve out space for QPOC in the business environment. His situation is pretty situated at all times.

Angel Zayas


Student Worker

Angel is a theatre major by day and drag queen by night. He frequently enjoys long walks on the beach and fried chicken.


Antonio Ingravallo


Student Worker

Antonio is a senior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish. He loves baking, gummy candy, webcomics, and all things Disney. Feel free to contact him if you wanna share baking tips!

Gabe Carcedo Cravens


Student Worker

Gabe is a Senior majoring in Gender Studies with a minor in Occupational Science. He hopes to get his doctorate in Occupational Therapy and seeks to end discrimination in the health care system in order to help the LGBTQ+ community heal and prosper.

 Ronnie Dong



Ronnie is a senior double majoring in Communications and Sociology. They love limes, koalas and sloths, potatoes, and is almost always seen with their iconic cap.


Steven Vargas


Steven is double majoring in theatre and journalism with a minor in dance. You can see him running around campus with a play in his hand or camera equipment over his shoulder. Emphasis on running.

Lavender Lounger Interns


Christopher Morales


Christopher Morales is a senior with a major in Spanish and a minor in Game Design. He came to USC as a transfer student from La Universidad Metropolitana – Ana G. Mendez in Puerto Rico with a bachelor in Film Production.

Whitney Camarena


Whitney is a second semester graduate student in the USC Keck Global Medicine program. She is passionate about culturally humble healthcare and actively seeks to find intersectionalities in her practice. She hopes to become a doctor who utilizes the art of storytelling to make healthcare more accessible and equal around the world.