International Students

USC has one of the highest enrollments for international students by percentage in the country. is the top university: 1 out of every 9 students at USC is an international student. The LGBT Resource Center works to provide adequate resources for this large student population.

International students may experience unique challenges specific to their country and culture when coming out to others with their sexuality and gender identity/expression. The center recognizes the hardships for these students, and we strive to promote inclusiveness for the international LGBT+ community within USC through events, educational discussions, and training sessions.

For international students that are coming to terms with their sexuality and gender identity/expression, the following resources are recommended:

LGBT Peer Mentoring Program. A confidential mentoring program for students coming to terms with their sexuality and gender identity/expression that has increased in international student participation within the last two years.

Rainbow International Lunches. Once a month, the center hosts a free lunch for international students and provides a great forum for meeting other LGBT+ international students. Keep up to date with our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for info about the next lunch date.