The Confidential Health Information Act Protects Confidentiality of Sensitive Health Services

As of January 1, 2015 the Confidential Health Information Act allows people covered under someone else’s health plan in California to request confidentiality on “sensitive services.”
Some insurance companies tend to share information on when the insurance is used for medical services to the policy holder, and this can be an issue for some people who may face harm through this communication.
The act keeps medical information from the policy holder and protects the insured from any harm or harassment that may arise with the disclosure. Medical services including:
* Birth control
* Abortion
* STD & Pregnancy tests
* PrEP and PEP
* HIV/STD prevention services
* Pap smear/annual exam
* Sexual assault services
* Drug treatment
* Mental health care
can be kept confidential from policy holders who may be the person’s parents or spouse. The request does not require any explanation and will abide to the request. It is not restricted to those who may face harm and is open to anyone who personally desires to keep any sensitive medical information confidential.
People can request confidentiality by submitting a Confidential Communications Request (CCR). Health insurers must implement the request within 7 days if submitted electronically and within 14 days if submitted through mail to comply with California law.
For more information on the Confidential Health Information Act, details can be found in California Civil Code Section 56.107.
For more information on the Confidential Communications Request (CCR) and access to the form, follow the link