Name & Gender Change

Unfortunately, at this time a name change with the University is not possible unless a student has legally changed their name. However, there are a variety of ways to change your display name on your email address, change your NetID, get a new USC ID card, and inform faculty of the appropriate name and pronouns to use in class. You can request all of these changes by filling out this form. For more information, read below.

Legal Name Change

To change one’s name with the University, students must complete the “Change or Correction of Name Form” with the Registrar’s Office. For more information on name changes, visit the Registrar’s site. The Registrar’s Office requires legal verification.

If a student prefers to avoid working directly with the Registrar’s Office, the LGBT Resource Center can facilitate this process on the student’s behalf.

USC Email Name Change

It is important to note that a university name change will not change your USC username.

To change the name that appears when you send email from USC Gmail, please follow the steps below. You can change your display name with or without a legal name change.

  1.  Click on the Gear in the upper right.
  2.  Click on Settings
  3.  Click on the Accounts Tab
  4.  Click on edit info on the right
  5.  Click on the Radio button next to the blank box.
  6.  Enter your name as you want it to appear in the blank box
  7.  Click on Save Changes

Changing your USC NetID (username)

In collaboration with the Title IX office, the LGBT Resource Center has arranged for students to change their USC NetIDs, if necessary, so that the name listed in an email matches the name students use in accordance with their gender identity. Simply complete this form.  The Title IX office will request the NetID change. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the NetID change.

Changing your USCard

You can also now have a new USC Card printed with your correct name. Be sure to first update your photo at the USCard website. Then, complete this form indicating you would like a new USCard printed. The Title IX office will facilitate the request on behalf of the student and the student will be notified when a new card is ready for pick up.

Letters to Faculty

Additionally, the Title IX office is now offering gender identity “accommodation” letters to be sent to faculty each semester. The Title IX office would send a letter to the faculty of a trans student before the semester begins, explaining that they must use the appropriate pronouns and name for the given student or they will be breaching Title IX, creating a hostile learning environment, with consequences.

Click here to see a sample of this accommodation letter.

In order to take advantage of the name change process, please fill this form indicating what changes/accommodations you are requesting.

Gender Change *

If a student legally changed their name with their state, then proof of this gender change on their state issued identification card can be presented to the Registrar’s Office to change their gender with the University. A gender change can be completed when submitting the Name Change Form to the Registrar.

Student can also change their gender with the Registrar Office with written verification from the student’s physician presented to the LGBT Resource Center Director.

If a student prefers to avoid working directly with the Registrar’s Office, then the LGBT Resource Center can facilitate this process on the student’s behalf.

* Note: Name and gender changes will not change on federal documents unless the student has made these changes to their social security. Also, name changes will not be transferred in issues of payroll, which is especially important for graduate students that serves as teaching assistants or research assistants. University payroll will pay individuals with the name on their social security. If you need assistance changing your name/gender with the state or government contact the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project.

Chest Binding Resources for Trans-Masculine People:

Chest Binding Resources for Trans-Masculine People

Zoom Display Name/Pronouns Change:

Students, staff, and faculty can permanently add pronouns and/or change their display names by opening an ITS ticket by requesting service at the USC ITS contact webpage or by emailing ITS at In the request, you should include the exact way you would like your name/pronouns to display. Example: Tommy Trojan (he/him/his)